Ultimax 100

Ultimax 100

Famous Singapore-made light machine gun. One of the lightest and most accurate.

Ultimax 100 MK 3
Ultimax 100 MK 3


  Ultimax 100 MK 3
Ultimax 100 MK 5
Caliber 5.56x45mm NATO
Barrel length 20" 20"
Muzzle velocity 970 m/s (M193 ammunition)
945 m/s  (M855 / SS109 ammunition)
Effective range 460 m (M193 ammunition)
800 m  (M855 / SS109 ammunition)
Cyclic rate of fire 400-600 rounds/min
Modes of fire Fully-automatic Fully-automatic / Semi-automatic
Magazine 100-round drum magazine /
30-round detachable box magazine
100-round Beta C-Mag drum magazine /
30-round STANAG detachable box magazine
Overall length 1024 mm -
Length (stock extended) - 1094
Length (stock retracted) - 1004
Length without buttstock
810 mm 838 mm
Weight without magazine 4,9 kg 5 kg
Weight with loaded magazine (100-round drum magazine) 6,8 kg 7,2 kg


Ultimax 100 MK 1

Pre-production variant. Model with a quick-change barrel.

Ultimax 100 MK 2

The first production version. Equipped with a fixed (non-detachable) barrel that can not be changed during the fight. Carrying handle is not attached to the barrel, but is placed above the center of the mass of the weapon.

Ultimax 100 MK 3

Variant used by the Singaporean army and other armies that have adopted Ultimax 100. MK 3 variant has quick detachable barrels. Each barrel is equipped with a carrying handle that makes it easier to remove a hot barrel.

Ultimax 100 MK 4

Developed for contest for the US Marine Corps "Infantry Automatic Rifle" (IAR) program.

Ultimax 100 MK 5

The enhanced version of MK 4. Has a folding stock. Picatinny rail forend replaces the original forend (with grip and bipod). Uses (M16) STANAG 4179 magazine or 100-round Beta C-Mag drum.  2011-11-22